Six Sentence Sunday – A Steamy Six From Elora’s Match

This week’s quick six is from Elora’s Match, my debut urban fantasy/paranormal romance. The first time Elora and Kadin do the deed.. Warning. Smut ahead!

Pressing his thumb against the aching bundle of nerves at my centre, Kadin pulled me close and kissed me. It was the most passionate kiss I’d ever

experienced. That was enough to make the world around me fall apart. My thighs clenched around his waist and Kadin came with me, burying his face in my neck as he felt his own release. My arms wrapped around his shoulders and I held him close as liquid heat continued to radiate from inside my body. 

Our bodies were a mass of bright blue and green auras mingling together and becoming one. 

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Elora’s Match Blog Tour Kick-Off!!

Today I kick off my first blog tour for Elora’s Match.

And to start, the darling Jessica Subject is hosting me! Stop by and check out a little bit about my writing family.


The tour goes for two weeks and, at the end, I’ll be giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to one commenter from throughout the tour.

How will the winner be picked?? As always, my dog, Buda will have the honour. Every single commenter’s name will be written down on a little piece of folded paper and then she’ll pick one. And that’ll be the winner!


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Six Sentence Sunday – Another YA Edition

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. This week I’ve decided to continue from my last SSS post – with some more of my YA WIP. Liana’s introduction into her new life.

I walked through the arrivals area of the airport searching for a familiar face. Letting go of my suitcases, I flexed my stiff hands and casually gazed around the crowded room.

“Illiana.” I froze at the sound of my full name. The only person who called me by my full name was Dad. I saw Kale, my cousin and new legal guardian, approaching and forced a smile.

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Today I Welcome The Incredibly Talented Lisa Fox

There should be a disclaimer at the beginning of all of Lisa’s stories that reads “Make sure a partner or toy is nearby – you’re going to need it” – her stories are just that hot.

Not only are they hot, they have great plots, loveable characters and are incredibly well written and The Secrets Of Dreams is no different.

Without further ado, I introduce to you Lisa Fox – fabulously talented author, wonderful all-round person and (I’m lucky enough to call her) great friend.


For those reading who don’t know you, tell us a smidge about yourself. 

Just a smidge, huh? Well, let’s see… I love coffee and champagne and cake and I like to have all these things for breakfast whenever I can. Hugh Jackman is my number one future ex-husband of choice and one day I will get my hands on him. And then probably go to jail. It would be worth it though.

The Secrets Of Dreams is HOT and unique, involving a witch and two hunky demigod twins. Where did you get inspiration for this story? 

I am a Goth girl in my heart and I love Halloween. It is a night for mischief and magic and candy. I can’t think of a better holiday. And because I love it so much, I’ve wanted to do a story for it for a long time. I also wanted to do an m/f/m story as well because it’s just plain hot. It was those two desires that led me to write Secrets of Dreams.

Are there any real life men whom you based Calen and Rist on? (Love the names btw).

Thanks! The names were seriously divine inspiration. They came out of nowhere. The twins are not physically based on anyone. Except maybe Hugh Jackman. Because two Hugh Jackman’s would be awesome. Agreed! *drools at the thought*

What exactly is ‘the secret of dreams’? Care to share?

It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you, would it?

Since it involves some witchcraft, I’m curious – do you have any experience with witchcraft?

Personally, no I do not, but I do have friends that are Wiccan. Magic and witchcraft fascinates me though and I love the idea of them.

What can we expect from you next? I’m getting rather impatient waiting for another Lisa Fox read.

Ha! Sorry. I am very slow writer. I wish I could pound out a thousand words in a night, but I just can’t work that way. As for what’s next, expect more of the same. Hot, sweaty sex, sexy men, and paranormal twist.

Thanks for dropping by Lisa! 

Thank you so much for having me over Liia! And as a thank you to all your wonderful guests for reading my uber-fun interview, I’d love to give a copy of Secrets of Dreams to one lucky commenter!




Samhain is a night of great power, a night when the veil between the worlds is exceptionally thin, and it is the only night that the twin demigods of dreams, Calen and Rist, can be summoned by a mortal sorceress.

Stephanie is skeptical, but the idea of calling the brothers inspires all kinds of wicked thoughts in her mind. She succumbs to the temptation and pours her deepest longings into the chant, but can the twins fulfill her heart’s secret dreams?



Stephanie laughed as the current group of zombies, pirates and action heroes on her doorstep collected their treats in large, reflective orange bags. The moment the last candy bar was dropped, the children ran down her front steps, laughing wildly as they charged the next house on the block.

With an amused shake of her head, she closed the door behind them and then flopped back down on the couch. The bowl of chocolates remained on the table by the door, awaiting the next crop of ghastly and glamorous visitors. Soon, the little ones would be off to bed and all those leftover treats would somehow find their way into her stomach over the next few days. Stephanie loved Halloween, it was her most favorite holiday, but it was seriously hazardous to
her hips.

She glanced at the clock on her mantel and was surprised to discover how late it was. It was almost time for her to shut off the porch light, lock the door and begin her solitary celebration. Her altar waited upstairs, adorned with candles and spices and incense, all ready for her to begin her annual Samhain rites.

Her eyes touched on the black grimoire sitting on top of her coffee table and a tingling shiver ran down her spine.

When her grandmother passed away a little over six months ago, Stephanie inherited everything: her grandmother’s house, her stock portfolio, and all of her old trinkets and bobbles and gems. She missed her grandmother fiercely and she had not been able to bring herself to go over to the old house for months. Then fall came, and the leaves changed, and it seemed to Stephanie that the time had finally come when she could deal with all the memories and grief and joy her grandmother’s possessions would inevitably evoke. She comforted herself with the knowledge that it was the perfect time to do it. The purpose of Samhain was to honor the dead after all and her grandmother deserved much honor.

Her eyes flicked once more to the grimoire and then quickly away.

Her grandmother taught her the ways of magic and helped her nurture her innate power. She told Stephanie about their proud heritage, about the long line of glorious witches she descended from. Her grandmother showed her the old ways, secret ways, ways that had been passed down through the generations. She learned the meaning of power and the consequences and responsibilities that went along with it. Her grandmother made sure she knew all of her lore and magic. Stephanie thought her grandmother taught her everything there was to know about her birthright, but then she found the grimoire in the attic and she wondered.

The ancient black book contained a whole lot more than the craft she had been taught. It was a dangerous book, filled with powerful love spells, curses and hexes, ways to access forbidden, arcane knowledge.

And one of those spells claimed to call forth gods.

According to the text, the ritual was supposed to invoke twin demigods of legend, Calen and Rist. Stephanie had never heard of them before and an internet search revealed murky origins for the twins, some sites saying they were originally Celtic, while others attributed them to the Germanic tribes. They seemed to be some sort of dream gods, but depending upon the tale, they were either benevolent spiritual guides or mischievous tricksters that tried to lead the unrighteous astray. Several sites claimed that the twins taught ‘the secrets of dreams’ to those they deemed worthy, but none explained what that actually meant.







Interview With Maxim Jakubowski

Today I have a very special guest. Author and editor of almost 100 books Maxim Jakubowski.

For those who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself and how your career started.

I’m deeply ashamed to reveal that my first book was published when I was only 18. It was terrible and should never have been printed and I will not allow it to be reprinted, ever! I should not have been encouraged so recklessly, as a result of which I’m now at the stage where my book publications have actually reached 130. Most of these have been anthologies, but among the crowd are 11 novels, 5 collections of short stories, two reference books, a film book and a travel book. But as they say, quantity is not necessarily quality and I’ll leave that judgment to my readers.

As well as writing and editing, you’ve been a publisher, reviewer, columnist and owner of the Murder One Bookstore. Where on earth do you find time to do it all?

All I can say is I do. Somehow. To be truthful, I still feel sometimes that I am spending half of my time twiddling my idle thumbs, reading, dozing, seeing movies and I should be working harder. I suppose I am what people call a workaholic!

Ekaterina And The Night, your latest novel, is a tale of a young Italian journalist who falls for a charming older man. It’s filled with twists and turns, love and lust all in one sweet, sensual package. Tell us what inspired you to write such an intriguing story.

The image, the memory of a person I once knew and I wanted to invent her all over again, provide her with a back story and an unlikely future which is without the shadow of a doubt radically different from the life she is now living. It’s, pace Henry James, a portrait of a contemporary lady and, as such, the other side of the diptych I began with THE STATE OF MONTANA.

It involves an exciting climax in Venice. Why Venice?

It’s a magical city and even more so in winter when all the tourists have abandoned the island. I used to live in Italy and it’s a miraculous setting for a book. I’d already written AMERICAN CASANOVA, which was partly set there, and a couple of stories so felt I was now ready to do so in a novel, in spite of all the mighty predecessors in the literary field who had done so before. A challenge to myself.

Do you have a favourite genre to write?

No. I promiscuously waltz between crime thrillers and erotica and also the occasional story which doesn’t fit anywhere with equal ease of navigation and appetite. Somehow, in whatever I attempt to write erotic elements surface like bubbles rising to the surface, even when I’m unaware of it. It’s both my ball and chain and my personal pleasure.

How about to read?

Because I edit the annual MAMMOTH BOOK OF EROTICA I have to read vast quantities of erotica, but for pleasure I tend to read widely outside, with a marked preference for crime thrillers, science fiction & fantasy and what can only be termed as mainstream/normal novels. Also some biographies.

What was your first ever sale as an author?

As a 16-year old to the French SF magazine SATELLITE, and I don’t think they ever paid me, but it served as a stepping stone to more rigorous and better-paying markets.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Allow me to jettison/alienate part of my readership and confess I am anything but an animal lover, and my children have probably never forgiven me for not allowing them to have pets. I hate animals. Would never want to be one. We have enough problems on our plate just being human!

How about a mythical being?

It’s truly a thought that never occurred to me. At least, unlike animals, I don’t hate mythical figures. I even once managed to pen a crime story based on the Irish myth of the Morrigan for an anthology called REQUIEMS FOR THE DEPARTED and no one complained.

Finally, has anyone, or anything, in particular helped with your career?

I know it sounds like an Oscar night refrain, but I would never have managed what I have without the support of my wife. And, travelling back in time, the teacher who encouraged me to freely use my imagination when I was only 12 and involuntarily turned me into a writer. His name was Monsieur Laurent. R.I.P. In July of this year, visiting Paris for the launch of the French edition of one my books, I actually revisited the area where we used to live and came across the school and convinced the caretaker to let me in. A very strange experience all these years later; everything was so much smaller than I remembered. Something which I think will find a place in whatever I write next…


Lolita meets Story of O, another memorable tale of love, sex and feelings from ‘the King of the erotic thriller’

When Ekaterina meets Alexander a shockingly sexy but tender romance develops.

She is a young Italian trainee journalist, who dreams of wild sexual adventures. He is the older Englishman who she believes can fulfill her fantasies. When Ekaterina is sent to interview the ageing writer Alexander in London, she is blinded by his charm and experience. Their relationship explodes in a sensual orgy, which defies society’s acceptance.

When a mysterious angel of death who calls herself Emma enters their lives, Ekaterina and Alexander know their days together are numbered.

A shocking climax set in Venice in winter brings the three protagonists together.

A tale of sex and tenderness that ranks alongside Jakubowski classic The State of Montana.



Amazon UK




Amazon UK

The Book Depository


MAXIM JAKUBOWSKI worked for many years in book publishing as an editor (including titles by William Golding, Peter Ackroyd, Oliver Stone, Michael Moorcock, Peter Ustinov, Jim Thompson, David Goodis, Paul Ableman, Sophie Grigson, Marc Behm, Cornell Woolrich, etc…) and launched the Murder One Bookshop, which he owned and ran for over 20 years. He now writes, edits and translates full-time in London.



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