Six Sentence Sunday 5/06/11

Hola amigos!

This week there isn’t an official Six Sentence Sunday, but there’s a bunch of people still participating. So go check out twitter for the #sixsunday hashtag and give their posts a read!

This week’s six is from a little secret short I just finished. As well as my 1 Night Stand release, this short has an X-Men connection to it. Sort of my nerdy way to pay tribute to my favourite series of comic books, TV show and movies. This will show who the real geeks are – my kindred spirits

Hint – the heroine’s name in this short is Bella Donna.

Remy Sommers leaned back in his seat and smiled at the perky airhostess who brought him the drink he ordered. After taking a sip, he looked around the cabin and noticed a woman sitting across the aisle. She caught his eye, offering him a wink and smile. Usually, Remy would have made a move, fed her some suave line and joined her in the bathroom for a quick mid-air fuck. But he’d grown tired of his playboy ways.

For years he’d lived alone, spending night after night with a different woman – sowing his wild oats.

And this week’s little piece of eye candy is the couple from my Elora’s Match cover – now available in paperback *shameless plug*

I do prefer the guy with longer hair – I’m not a fan of shaved heads.

Anyway happy Sunday everyone! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend. And happy long weekend to my fellow Perthites 



Release Date – Elora’s Match in Print

Squee!! It’s coming this weekend!!

On the 4th of June, even closer than I’d expected, Elora’s Match will be released in print! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Now I ned to figure out an autograph to use for signing because my actual signature is just ridicuously illegible!

Now I just have to buy a bunch so I can give the to friends and family! 


My Good Deed For The Day

I haven’t had the greatest day. I got up to take Buda to the vet (yes, again!) and my car wouldn’t unlock – the battery was that flat. Then I got to the vet and found out Buda had to stay for the day to get another test for Cushing’s Disease. But on the way out, I noticed a little kitty cat in a cage – a stray the vet had up for adoption. I stopped and played with him for a bit and he was the absolute sweetest kitty I’ve seen – not to mention stunning!

So I posted a quick note on facebook asking if anyone wanted a cat. If I could have, I would have taken him home – the problem with not living in my own place is I can’t bring home strays). So a friend of mine put her hand up and said she wanted one. A few hours later, she’s picked him up and is trying to pick the right name for him.

And that is my good deed for the day!

After the failed day of cleaning, organising, packing, flat car battery, leaving Buda at the vet and stressing over her test results as well as dealing with Arnie who misses her – that good deed felt great. Knowing that adorable little kitteh is now in a great and safe home just makes me happy.

So, how is your day going?



Six Sentence Sunday 29/05/11


Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Today we’re going back to the beginning. I got the news this week that Elora’s Match is going to print! In mid June it will be released. I’ve been bursting with the news since receiving the cover art last week and couldn’t be happier. Fingers crossed all goes well.

So, here’s a little snippet from EM. Kadin has just been in a little scuffle with a human that touched Elora. And she’s pissed. So I present to you, Elora’s fantastic attitude and foul mouth 

“What the fuck was that?” I yelled in his face.

His eyes locked on me and his expression changed from pure hatred and rage to regret. “You’re bleeding.”

“Because you hit me, you fucking idiot!” I sneered then licked my bottom lip, blood filling my mouth.

Make sure you drop by the official Six Sentence Sunday site and check out the fantastic writers that participate each week. The list just keeps growing and growing!

Have a great Sunday.



The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

See what happens when you blog more? People give you things 

Thanks to the lovely Rebecca Royce for for nominating little old me. If you don’t know her already, check her out. Not only is she a brilliant writer, she’s a fantastic woman! I love her to pieces. Thanks lovely lady! 

So, the rules of this award are as follows:

1. Thank and Link To the Person who Nominated You.
2. Share Seven Random Facts About Yourself. (Oh yes I LOVE talking about myself)
3. Pass the Award on to 15 deserving blog buddies. (I don’t think I know 15 people?!)
4. Contact those buddies to let them know.
Seven Random Facts About Me
1. I am allergic to aloe vera. It’s weird right? So I need to be careful when buying lip gloss, skin care, makeup and, of course, skin protection. It sucks!
2. Growing up, I had one girlfriend – the rest were boys. I was a complete tomboy (still am). So I guess now you understand where my rude, crude humour and behaviour comes from right??
3. I love sharks. I got my diving certification specifically so I can go diving with sharks. I’ve been snorkelling/swimming with sharks, but never diving in the deep. One day I’m going to do a cage dive in great whites while they feed- that’s my dream.
4. I’m a very proud eighth generation Australian on my mother’s side. Yeah, Mum’s family has been here since the convict days.
5. I rarely wear makeup. If I do, it’s a bit of mascara and some lip gloss/balm. If I’m going out somewhere nice I’ll put on some foundation, but not often. I think that goes with the whole tomboy thing and the next fact.
6. I’m lazy. SO incredibly lazy! I have avoided reorganising my room and packing things away for months just because I can’t be bothered doing it. I have so many books to put into crates/containers it’s going to take forever! I’m going to be the worst housewife ever.
7. I have vitiligo. Yeah that ‘Michael Jackson disease’. Luckily I’m so white that it’s not particularly noticeable, but it’s there, thanks to my Dad. I’ve got it on my fingers, hands, toes, feet, underarms, stomach and I’ve recently discovered a patch on my forehead. My Dad has it, so there’s obviously a genetic link to vitiligo, but I have a much worse case. Now I’m glad I’m pale – it means you can’t see my odd pigmentless patches!
Now to go find those 15 people! 

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