Six Sentence Sunday 5/12/10

Firstly I just want to say I can’t believe it’s already December! Where on earth has this year gone?!!

For this week’s Six Sentence Sunday I’ve decided to use Elora and Kadin’s first kiss. It’s not that great, but the second is blazing! Maybe I’ll post it next week.

I’ve started writing the sequel this week, tentatively titled Elora’s Choice – I’m not sure if I like it, but I needed a title for the folder! lol! I’m so excited to be writing the sequel! I’m loving it so far. Elora is by far my favourite character to write. I love her so  :D

I met him halfway with parted lips and pressed my mouth against his. I sighed when his tongue invaded my mouth and massaged my own gently. His other hand rested on the small of my back. Pressing my body against his, I tangled my hands in his thick silky hair, holding him close.

My heart thumped hard in my chest, my body tingled and my core burned with desire. It’d been so long since anyone touched me this way.

As always thanks for your comments. You guys are pure awesome!!

For more fantastic authors and Six Sentence Sunday snippets, check out the main website. It really is fantastic!

Until next time my lovelies!

Liia xx


Six Sentence Sunday 28/11/10

First off I’d like to say a big Happy Birthday to my Mum today! She’s the absolute best Mum I could ever have imagined having. Not only do we look the same, we act the same – she’s an inspiration to me and deserves all the public shout outs I can give her ^_^

Now I know I said I’d pick a snippet from something other than Elora’s Match, but I didn’t. I have been so busy writing and catching up on emails etc, I haven’t had a chance to go through my other work and find a snippet. So for now, it’s another excerpt from Elora’s Match. Not that I’m complaining, I really love this story and these characters! I could just write them forever.

The release date for this has been pushed back to March 5th which is a bummer but there’s not much I can do about it. At least they’ve let me know now!

This follows off from last week’s with Elora and Kadin back at her house.

As always, thank you SO MUCH for commenting on these posts. I appreciate it more than you know.

“You have a dark sense about you. You get pleasure from hurting people, torturing those who do you wrong.”

I stayed silent.

“Correct me if I’m wrong.”

“Would you like to find out?” I asked, peering at him through my hair.

For more fantastic snippets and authors, check out the main Six Sentence Sunday website and follow the official Twitter.

Until next time…

Liia xx


I’m back in the game!!!

After three weeks of not being able to read or write a thing; I’m baaack!! And I’m so stoked to be working again! I had a tonsillectomy, thinking I’d be fine a few days after my operation – boy was I wrong! The pain was intense, the painkillers they put me on just made my brain complete mush and I couldn’t sleep for more than 3 hours a night – no matter how exhausted I was.

The moral of the story? Don’t get a tonsillectomy unless you absolutely HAVE to! If you’ve had tonsillitis twice in a year – don’t do it. However, if you’re like me and have it over twenty times in three years, go for it! The long term health benefits far outweight the short term consequences.

I’m now on the mend and, though I’m still in a bit of pain, I can focus my thoughts elsewhere. No more wallowing or self pity for this chick.

Now I have to make my way through my TBR pile! I have about twenty odd books to read. I’m not sure when I’m going to get through them, but at least I can’t complain about being bored!

Today, I wrote out a basic and very rough outline for a new story. A great friend of mine (who shall remain nameless until it’s finished, then she’s getting credit everywhere!   ) gave me this idea and I absolutely love it. Obviously, I’ve tweaked it a little and am putting my own spin on things, but the basic idea was hers and it’s a doozy!

I’m also thinking about a sequel to Elora’s Match. I’m not really sure where I should go with it though. I’m going to continue on with Elora and Kadin’s story because I think it’s a great one that needs to be told, but I’ve got 2-3 possible ideas buzzing around my mind. Since this is the first story I’ve ever actually finished, this is all new to me. As always, I am open to advice! I love this, so please, pretty please, give me some *hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge* :p

I’m also going to start blogging more. I’m trying to pick a theme to blog about. You know, people share excerpts from stories, write an online serial, or have a specific topic they blog about each week.

What’s your favourite? I love reading blogs, I have a few favourites but am always on the look out for more – so share away :-)

For now, I’m going to scribble some ideas down and catch up on my How To Think Sideways lessons I’ve missed out on while recovering. I’m so far behind it’s not even funny!

For now, I’m going to share a random pic that I love – it’s one of my favourites. I really want this praying mantis.

Until next time…

Liia xx


Six Sentence Sunday 21/11/10

I can’t believe the week has flown by already. I’m still recovering and have yet to read or write anything (2 weeks and counting now!) I’ve never been so bored in my life!

Today, for my Six Sentence Sunday snippet (squee) I’ve picked another little excerpt from Elora’s Match which is contracted with Silver Publishing. At the rate I’m going half the book will be out in these snippets before it’s actually released. Next week I’ll pick something else :-)

Anyway this takes place after Elora has been attacked by a couple of demons on her property. She’s not exactly happy when Kadin (the hottie with the teal eyes) shows up and thinks he’s responsible for the attack. The problem she’s having is that she’s incredibly drawn to him – and I can see why *drool*

Everything about this man made my head spin. My heart was beating so hard I thought it would burst through my ribcage. His aura had my core blazing.

“I want some answers,” I said quietly, speaking into his lips while keeping my gaze fixed on his.

“Straight to business,” his eyes gleamed with amusement. Taking a step back, he clasped his hands behind his back once more. “Shall we go to the house?”

Go check out the other fantastic snippets by some great authors at the Six Sentence Sunday website.

I also just want to say a huge thanks to everyone for reading and commenting on my snippets! It means a lot knowing that people are taking the time to read my ramblings. And keep the comments and tweets coming, I love chatting with new people.

Until next time!

Liia :-)

Everything about this man made my head spin. My heart was beating so hard I thought it would burst through my ribcage. His aura had my core blazing.

“I want some answers,” I said quietly, speaking into his lips while keeping my gaze fixed on his.

“Straight to business,” his eyes gleamed with amusement. Taking a step back, he clasped his hands behind his back once more. “Shall we go to the house?”


Six Sentence Sunday 14/11/10

This week I’ve been out of action recovering from my tonsillectomy. I haven’t done any reading or writing in over ten days and I feel lost!

I picked this snippet quickly. It was a fun one to write. Elora, the heroine, is a chronic bitch who hates humans and believes that men are good for only one thing – sex. She also has a hot temper and frustrates easily. How does she get rid of her anger and frustration? She has sex or fights and kills someone. I certainly know which I’d prefer!


“This is a pleasant surprise.” He smirked as he ran his fingers through my hair. A shiver went down my spine. He pressed his lips against the nape of my neck as I reached down to undo his belt. “I was beginning to think you didn’t like me.”

“I don’t, I’m just using you for sex,” I said lingering my lips over his, grazing them lightly before pulling back to tease him.

For more awesome snippets and to catch some great authors, check out the main Six Sunday website which has had a recent makeover and looks wonderful! Also check out the new and official Twitter.

On a quick note I’d like to pass on a huge congratulations to fellow Six Sunday participant Graylin Fox for signing a contract with Decadent Publishing this week! She’s an amazingly talented poet and writer – everybody go check her out :-)


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