Critique Partners and Groups

Writers – where did you find your crit partner or group? And what works better for you?

I’ve never had a writer friend to bounce ideas off or discuss the general geekiness that is plotting. I’ve recently joined RWA, RWA Australia, Passionate Ink and the Young Adult chapter of RWA in an effort to learn more of the business side of writing and also to meet new people.

So, once again, I’m asking for your advice :-)

Are you a member of a critique group? Do you have a critique partner? If so, where did you find your group/partner of choice and how many did you go through before you found your perfect match?

I write erotic and paranormal romance as well as young adult urban fantasy and romance and the other writers I know of who have the same interests are all taken. I am quite happy to have a couple of partners or join an established group, so if anybody knows anyone who would be interested hit me back.

In any case, what works better for you? How have you found working with a CP or group different to working strictly alone?

Until next time…

Liia :-)


Six Sentence Sunday

I’m excited to be doing Six Sunday again!

My debut last week was gruesome and I got the ‘gross out’ reactions I was after

This week’s is from Elora’s Match again. Elora meets the hero for the first time and is taken back. I had so much fun writing him! I look forward to your comments this week.

When I turned around I found the most beautiful man I’d ever seen standing before me. Dark hair pushed off his face, a smooth jaw-line off set his perfectly symmetrical features. Full pink lips spread into a smirk, as he looked me up and down. I met his eyes, oh his eyes. They were teal. I had never seen anyone like him.

For more snippets from some great authors visit the main Six Sentence Sunday site!


Six Sentence Sunday

After months of reading and immensely enjoying the Six Sentence Sunday blog, I’m finally able to participate! I have found so many fantastic writers and people through this blog, I’m stoked to be joining them this week.

Since it’s Halloween this week, I’ve included a snippet that includes my heroine fighting with a Hellhound. This is from my debut release ‘Elora’s Match’ due out February 2011 with Silver Publishing.

It’s technically seven sentences, but since one of them is only one word (and finishes off the paragraph perfectly) I’m hoping no one will hold it against me :-)

‘Its yellow teeth were dripping with saliva and venom. Its three eyes bored into mine.  Its rough brown skin glistened as it snapped at me, aiming for my throat. I pushed my hand against its chest sending a surge of energy through it. Energy glowed physically in the hound’s veins before it dropped to the side and exploded. Thick black and red gunk splattered all over my body. Gross.’

For more enticing and intriguing excerpts, check out the main Six Sunday site.


Self Promotion – How Much Is Too Much?

Since I got the news that my first novel will be published I’ve been thinking about self promotion – how to do it right, where to promote myself and how much is too much?

When I posted on Twitter that I had just signed a contract, I began getting spammed left, right and centre by both budding and published authors telling me to read their books. While I’m all for self promotion, there’s a big difference between that and spamming. I’ve been getting spammed on Twitter and Facebook, which is fine in my books; but I’ve also been getting unsolicited emails and that is not fine. I find the emails off-putting and have actually made a note not to read that author’s work unless it really interests me.

Now, I plan to promote myself on Twitter and Facebook as best I can without being one of those irritating people who never shut up and I’m also going to participate in as many blogs and groups as I can handle, but what other avenues are there?

Basically I’m asking for advice from writers and readers alike.

What do you find irritating about self promoting authors? Where do you promote yourself? How far are you willing to go to become known? And what are your thoughts on those spamming authors? Or are you one of those spamming authors?

Until next time…

P.S.  I love getting advice, positive, negative, unsolicited or otherwise I ALWAYS welcome it! I’m always willing to learn and look forward to learning as much as I possibly can from everybody out there.


The Beginning…

I can’t believe I am saying I will soon be a published author. I have worked for this off and on for ten years. My debut novel “Elora’s Match” was started in December last year and rewritten three times before I finished the first draft. That draft was then painstakingly worked over for five months and (with the help of a lovely beautiful friend Stacey Kennedy) is now at its best. Proof of that is that I got four contract offers. Pretty crazy considering I never thought this novel would see the light of day!

In the past I’ve been a terrible blogger (mainly because I had nothing particularly interesting to say) but now I want to meet new people, readers, writers, fellow geeks and fans of everything nerdily fabulous!

Also, I read a LOT so if anyone has any books or series they could recommend to me go for it! I will read pretty much anything, though I mainly what I write, paranormal romance, erotic romance, YA and urban fantasy.

Until next time.. Thanks for reading my rambling!

Much Love



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