A Smexy Six Sentence Sunday From Hot Aussie Weekend

I got a surprise this Tuesday… Hot Aussie Weekend released! And I couldn’t be happier!

So to celebrate, I’m sharing a smexy, smutty, sultry (insert other S words here) six from it. Enjoy!

“Holy shit,” she panted, looking at her husband through blurred vision. “That was intense.”

Propping himself up on one elbow, Campbell dipped his head and took her mouth with a kiss to end all kisses. Her insides twisted and tingled with arousal. Her oversensitive clit throbbed almost to the point of pain when he ran his finger over it. Grasping the back of his head, she held him to her, gyrating against his palm as he thrust his fingers back inside her pussy. 

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Have a great Sunday!

Liia :)


Whatchya Reading Wednesday?

Hellooo everyone!

I want to know what you’re reading. I’m always looking for great books to read, of almost any genre. So I thought I’d start a little weekly post.

At the moment I’m reading Reckoning by Lilith Saintcrow (under her YA pen name Lili St Crow). For those of you who don’t read YA – this would be a brilliant introduction into it.

As the final book in the Strange Angels series, I don’t want to finish reading it because that means the journey has ended. BUT it’s such a great book that I literally can’t put it down. I love Lilith Saintcrow’s writing style – she’s definitely a unique talent.

But I also want to hurry and finish it so I can start reading The Wood Queen by Karen Mahoney. I’m lucky enough to be twitter buddies with Kaz, as well as an enormous fan of hers, and want to read it so I can just gush and gush and tell her how much I enjoyed it. This is the second book in The Iron Witch Trilogy. The Iron Witch – the first novel – was absolutely fantastic. I literally couldn’t put it down. I finished the book in two days flat, staying up until 3am one night until I was bleary eyed.

Sp, I want to know. Whatchya reading?

Liia :)


Six Sentence Sunday from Hot Aussie Weekend

This week’s six come from my rewritten Hot Aussie Weekend (which has just been contracted!! *squee*). No more Zalia and Xavier, it’s now Jaycee and Campbell.


“This weekend is about you,” he said and kissed her gently. “I am going to pamper you like a princess. You won’t have to move a muscle.” With a cheeky grin, he thought about that statement and added, “Well, you’ll be moving some muscles.”

“Campbell!” She lightly slapped his chest but grinned up at him.

Don’t forget to stop by the Six Sentence Sunday website for snippet from some great writers.

Have a great Sunday!



Hello Friendlies!

Hola Amigos!

I’m looking to host a lot more authors this year, so if anybody is up for a guest spot, promotion or just wants to ramble on about nothing at someone else’s site – email me and let me know – liia@liiaannwhite.com

Liia  :smile:


A Little Bit of Info About Dogs

Dogs are not people. They don’t talk, can’t get their thoughts and feelings across verbally and do so with body language. I saw a news article about a reporter who was bitten on the face by a pit bull during a newscast this morning. I thought to myself ‘surely there’s a reason this dog bit her, it wouldn’t just bite for fun’. And sure enough, I was right.

Watching the video (which you can find here), I saw a very happy little dog, enjoying some cuddles and rubs on his face. Then he obviously thought ‘okay I’ve had enough’ and turned his head away. Most people wouldn’t know, but this usually means ‘please stop touching me’. My dog does it when she’s had enough cuddles and wants to be left alone.

At about 11 seconds into the video, the dog’s had enough. At 17, he turned his head away. Neither of his handlers take notice and keep rubbing his ears, so the reporter keeps on stroking and petting him. When I saw this I thought ‘oh crap, she’s gonna get bitten’. Then at 20 seconds she leans her face down toward his and gets bitten. In 3 seconds the dog went from happy to biting. Why? Because the humans around him didn’t notice his body language!

It’s ignorance at its best! There’s a high chance the dog will be put down now, all because a woman who doesn’t know enough about dogs thinks she can give a dog a kiss whenever she feels like it. Never mind the dog has personal space and clearly feels uncomfortable having her so close. The fact that the dog may be put down makes me SO mad I can’t express it in words.

People may love dogs, but they need to learn when a dog does and doesn’t want to be touched! If a person was in your face, touching and petting you, trying to get a kiss and you didn’t want them to, you’d probably punch them. The only difference is, you can say to that person ‘please back away, I don’t want to be touched right now’. Dogs can’t!

They rely on energy and body language to get their opinions and emotions across.

My dog is a classic example. She can be snuggly one minute, cuddled up to me, getting and giving kisses, play biting and all happy, then a second later snap and be grumpy. The difference with her is that I know when she’s had enough. So she never gets to the snapping stage. Her body language changes, she puts her head to the side or gets a look in her eyes and I leave her alone. (She’s a very independent dog my little Buda). If I kept cuddling her and annoying her, I’d no doubt get bitten. And I wouldn’t blame her. She’s a dog. She can’t verbalise her thoughts. She has body language and energy – if that gets ignored, then she uses the one thing she can to get her thoughts across – her mouth.

People need to learn that dogs have personal space as well and if you encroach in it too much, or when the dog isn’t in the mood for cuddles, you’re going to get bitten. It’s natural! What’s not natural is people shoving their faces into a dog’s!

I’m trying not to get mad, but I can’t help it. Some people are plain ignorant, that’s what makes me mad. But there are others who really can’t tell when a dog’s language changes. This is why we need to educate people. Cesar Millan always speaks of dog lovers and knowledgeable dog lovers. There’s a BIG difference. My hope is that one day all dog lovers will be knowledgeable and there won’t be incidents like this ever again!

So anyone who loves dogs and wants to know how to treat them right, or what they’re trying to tell you with their body language and energy, PLEASE visit Cesar Millan’s website. He really is a genius when it comes to dogs.

I have learnt so much from him and my dogs are happier and healthier for it. I haven’t been growled at in years, all because I know how to read my dogs’ body language.



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