One Hot Australian Night (1NightStand)

One Hot Australian Night

1 Night Stand series

Release Date: July 15 2011 from Decadent Publishing

ISBN: 9781613330128

When it comes to love, Zalia is a cynic. After her last boyfriend cheated on and dumped her on Valentine’s Day; who came blame her? But after three years of her friend’s pestring, she’s decided to get back in the dating game. She agrees to contact the reputable dating agency 1NightStand with the understanding that if it doesn’t work, it’s a sign she’s destined to be single.

After a month of no luck, Madame Evangeline finds what she believes is Zalia’s perfect match.

Xavier is a hot successful lawyer. Two years after his wife’s sudden death he wants to find love again, but doesn’t know how.

When they finally meet will sparks fly or will it be a failed attempt at happiness?


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“I’m twenty-eight years old, own my own home, run a very successful bookstore, and have an active life. I’m happy. Why do I need a man in my life?”

“I’m not saying you need a man.” Kara leaned against the front counter and regarded her. “I’m saying you need sex. All this pent up energy you have needs to be released. Sex is a great stress reliever.”

She tried to ignore Kara’s steely gaze as she passed her and sat behind the counter. “I’m not having this conversation with you again.”

“I’ve found this dating site.” Kara held up a hand to stop Zalia’s displeased groan. “I promise it’s not dodgy. A friend of my cousin’s used it and found her soul mate.”

“Oh, well, then it must be legit,” Zalia scoffed.

“Honestly, it is. The owner, Madame Evangeline, has a knack for bringing people together. She’s recently started taking clients in Australia. She gets your details, organizes a meeting, and you do the rest. Hint, hint.” Kara winked and slid a business card across the counter. “If she can’t help you, then we’ll take it as a sign, and I’ll let you grow old and live with a dozen cats. But if she does find you a match, you have to follow through.”

Zalia picked up the business card. 1NightStand and Madame Evangeline were printed in bold on the front. On the back was a web address. Nothing more. “This is the business card of a ‘legit’ dating service?”

Kara rolled her eyes and walked toward the front door. “Go to the website and fill out the form. If you don’t, I will. I’m going to the bank; I’ll be back in half an hour.”

Zalia spun the business card between her fingers and bit the inside of her lip hesitantly. Butterflies thudded in her stomach as she considered emailing this “Madame Evangeline”. After a few moments of contemplation, she flicked the computer monitor on and opened her email. One email—it couldn’t hurt, could it?




WARNING: Adult content. May only be suitable for those over the age of 18.


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