East Willow (Young Adult)

Liana Golde has always felt different. But it wasn’t until she lost her family and moved to the other side of the world that she realized just how different she really was.

Her father and brother were killed in a car accident, her mother abandoned her years ago and her cousin – her only remaining family – is a practical stranger. Plagued by insomnia and nightmares, Liana feels she’s losing her mind when she encounters a tame wolf on her first night in town. When it leads her home? Yeah, she’s definitely losing it.

The new friends she’s made are werewolves, her crush a dampire and Liana? She has no idea what she is. Part witch, part wolf and full of powerful magic she finds herself being pulled between what she knows and what she’s afraid of. When it becomes apparent her mother wants to destroy her and claim her magic as her own, she’s in a world of trouble.

Thrown into a world full of supernatural beings, Liana finds herself caught in a whirlwind of magic where the lines between good and evil overlap, and nothing is what it seems.


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