Six Sentence Sunday – East Willow (YA)

I’d had my cry, had my emotional female moment – now I needed to be strong.

Riel put his glass down on an end table and paced before me. For the first time since we’d met I saw what I assumed others did when they laid eyes on him. A hard, dangerous and terrifying man – a predator. His face was all hard angles and lines. The tension buzzed around him, slithering its way to me. 

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Happy Sunday everyone!

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Another Six From My WIP A New Beginning

I hope everyone’s having a great week!

Here’s a little six from my paranormal WIP A New Beginning again… Things are about to get very interesting for my little Maleena  :grin:

Maleena couldn’t believe what she’d just done. She’d let her emotions, depression and anger issues get the better of her and snapped. Without thinking of the repercussions. Right now she needed a drink. Tomorrow she would worry about the consequences of her actions.

Jumping in her car, she drove for the one bar she knew would be open at one-pm on a Friday.

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Six Sentence Sunday – East Willow

Hi everyone,

I’m back in the swing of things after going to RT and having an absolute blast.

For my first SSS in a while, here’s a little bit of my YA East Willow. If you’ve been reading along with it, you’ll find it a little heartbreaking. Liana has just found out she’s not human; instead she’s a freakish hybrid wolf witch. And she’s less than happy.

“Why couldn’t you have left me at home? I’d still be happy and wouldn’t have to deal with any of this shit!”

As I yelled in his face I noticed his eyes change, glowing fiercely before he yelled back at me.

“If could have, I would! I didn’t want you to come here!”

Recoiling from him as though he’d hit me, I leant against the doorframe, wanting so badly to meld into it and disappear. 

Happy Sunday!

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Blurbs. How Much Weight Do You Give Them?

Along with covers, blurbs are the gateway to a book. Other than reading an excerpt, the only way you can judge a book to decide whether or not to buy and read it.

The only problem is, I’m terrible at blurbs. While I don’t think anyone enjoys writing them, I really have an issue. How can I reduce a book down to two to three paragraphs in order to convince someone to buy or read the book when I could carry on and on for hours about the book?

When I’m interested in buying a book I usually read the blurb and the first paragraph or so (if possible), because a blurb doesn’t always give a hint to the author’s writing style. Some blurbs are fantastically written but then book isn’t, while others are written poorly but the excerpts are fantastic and they’ve ended up being great books.

So, how much weight do you give to a blurb? When interested in a book, do you read the blurb and only the blurb? Or do you have a squiz at the first chapter?




Six Sentence Sunday – The East Willow Wolves

Today’s six is from my first Young Adult Urban Fantasy The East Willow Wolves (that’s a lot of capital letters in a row!) that I’m pitching at RT in Chicago in two weeks! Eek!

Anyway Enjoy!

I realised my hands were resting on his chest. Looking down, I started to pull them back but Riel gripped onto them, enveloping them in his larger hands. They were so soft yet strong. His serious eyes gazed into mine as he leaned down, his face inching closer to mine.

Butterflies thudded in my stomach and my breathing increased. I licked my parted lips and continued to look into his eyes, feeling entranced. 

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Until next time!

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