Liia Ann White Where Being Different Is Celebrated Mon, 09 Dec 2013 11:14:44 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Romantic Times Booklovers Convention Sun, 14 Apr 2013 11:27:16 +0000 Liia It’s coming!! My yearly pilgrimage to the US starts in under two weeks!

This year the RT Convention is in Kansas City. A place I wouldn’t have ever visited if it weren’t for this convention, which is a plus. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to attend again this year. Not only do I get to see all of my author friends – some of whom are my three best friends –  I also get to discover a lot of new authors, new to me authors and pick up a buttload of swag!

I loved the swag I  picked up last year, so this year I’ve decided to go all out. Not only will I have postcards and bookmarks, I will also have pens which have a highlighter at the end, Australian shaped magnets with a sexy male torso on them AND a compact surprise. This is a surprise to those only attending the convention, so if you’re there, you’d better check them out because I think it’s a fantastic and handy thing to have.

I will also be doing my first EVER signing event. I’ll be at the E-book & Graphic Novel Expo and I’ll have plenty of Tim Tams to bribe people to come and check out my stuff and maybe even buy a book. OR just to get people to come and have a chat to me. People who meet me will soon see that I’m a gas bagger and just love to meet new people :)


So who of you are going? And what swag do you love to get?

Liia x

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The Dark Waters Tour Has Started Tue, 02 Apr 2013 11:49:01 +0000 Liia Hi all!

My tour for Dark Waters has finally started!

For your chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card or $10 Evernight gift card, stop by and comment on as many of the fantastic stops.

April 1:  Christine Young Romance Writer
April 2:  Readaholic’s Reviews
April 3:  Books and Other Spells
April 4:  Rachel Leigh
April 5:  All I Want and More
April 8:  My Reading Obsession
April 9:  You Gotta Read Reviews
April 10:  Long and Short Reviews
April 11:  The Muse
April 11:  Erotica For All
April 12:  My Odd Little World
April 15:  Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess
April 16:  Dawn’s Reading Nook Blog
April 17:  All in One Place
April 18:  Writers and Authors
April 19:  Wicked Readings by Tawania


And less than a week after the end of this tour, I’ll be headed to the US for the RT Covention in Kansas City!!! I’m going to have a LOT of swag there too, including lots of giveaways :)

Liia x

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Sweetest Salvation by Kacey Hammell Mon, 25 Mar 2013 01:03:32 +0000 Liia ss2Sweetest Salvation

Contemporary Erotic Romance/Light Bondage

Content Warning: Contains Voyeurism, Spanking, Multiple Partners

ISBN: 978-1-77130-330-9

Available at

*An Editor’s Pick*


After the deaths of her husband and child, tragedies that she blames herself for, Andrea “Andy” Sheaver has shut herself off from the world. The only place she finds any relief from her shattered heart is Club Splendor, where she and her husband often frequented together.  There, Andy submits to pleasure and pain in situations so her grief is forgotten for a little while.

But Hunter Sullivan won’t stand idly by and watch Andy self-destruct. A friend of her husband, and the owner of Club Splendor, Hunter has kept his love for Andy hidden for years. He refuses to think of her at the club, cold and detached as she’s become, looking for an easy fix to take away the pain in her heart.  Hunter wants her to vibrant in life again and sets out to prove he is exactly who she needs.



Excerpt © Kacey Hammell, 2013

“Mr. Sullivan is waiting for you. He said you’d know where to go.” He smiled and winked.

Cheeks on fire, she gave him a small nod and walked ahead. She moved into the bar area and looked around. The place was packed tonight.

There were a few people she recognized, but most were new faces. Hunter’s business was certainly thriving.

Bridget caught sight of her and waved. Andy did the same and turned to the left, down the hall that would take her to room fourteen and Hunter.

Movement caught the corner of her eye, and she looked to her right. At a table in the far corner, Paige and Nolan sat with another couple. She missed a step, but gained her balance again. She hadn’t thought about seeing them again. Paige waved and her husband smiled bright.

The couple’s kindness and understanding arced across the room. Andy smiled and waved back. They’d been there for her the other night. She’d be forever grateful for it.

Reaching the room, she took a deep breath and knocked. Hearing Hunter’s gruff, “Come in,” she turned the knob.

The room, similar to the one she’d used the other night, had a warmer feel to it. The fireplace ablaze, the heat of it welcomed her.

Andy’s gaze swept the room. Furnished with a full living room set, she loved the royal purple and black colors of the furniture and curtains than anything else. This room conveyed privacy and self-indulgence. Her heart rate increased just thinking of all that might have been done in this room.

It was made for sex. Especially with a glass display case that took up the most of wall. Inside were dildos, anal plugs, collars, floggers, cock rings and more toys of pleasure.

Andy’s gaze landed on Hunter where he sat in the center of the couch, arms stretched over the back of it.

“Hi, sweetheart.”

Her gaze narrowed on his and she shut the door behind her. “Don’t you sweetheart me, Hunter. And get that look off your face.”

“What look?”

“That self-righteous look. I might be here, but not for the reasons you think.”

“Then why are you here?” he questioned, his gaze unwavering.

“I wanted to tell you in person that your idea isn’t going to happen. We’ve been… friends too long. You’re Patrick’s best friend. It’s all kinds of wrong.”

He leaned forward, arms resting on his powerful thighs.

His red t-shirt molded his shoulders and the cuffs of the arms looked snug around his biceps. Damn him for being in such great shape.

She shivered, nipples tightening. She needed to get away from him.

“There, I’ve said all I have to say. Goodbye,” she muttered, and turned back toward the door.

Hunter was quickly behind her, arms encasing her as his palms pressed against the door and preventing her retreat.

His breath was warm against her ear. Andy wished she’d left her hair down. At least she wouldn’t be able to feel his breath on her neck.

A shudder ran through her. “Let me out, Hunter. I need to leave.”

“Why? You were so desperate to remain a member and be here the other night. I’m simply offering a safer solution. Me instead of strangers,” he rasped against her ear.

“I don’t have to worry about much with strangers. At least they aren’t people I have to see after the sex is over.”

Hunter pressed in closer behind her, which pushed her farther against the door. She’d always been claustrophobic. And right now, being caged in by this man, made it even harder to breathe than if she was locked in a closet. His chest was firm against her, his mouth against her ear, and his hoarse voice soft.

Her thighs rubbed together and her clit chafed against her thong. The string along her ass was snug. All she had to do was turn around and take what he offered. She wanted a cock inside her.

Dear lord, this was Hunter.

Could she step over the invisible line and take what he offered?

He was attractive, always had been to her. Hell, she’d only been married, not dead. She appreciated a gorgeous man when she saw him.

Hunter always treated with her respect and friendship. She didn’t know how much he dated but had heard women at the club mention his prowess in the bedroom. He could probably give her everything she needed. There would be a sense of safety with him at least.

And her body’s reaction to him today, while surprising, knew what it wanted. While she was sure it was a bad idea for them to journey down this path, she was overwhelmed by the sudden realization that not just any cock would do.

She wanted Hunter. Wanted only him inside her.

Her breath hitched and her lungs filled, making it hard to breathe. No, she didn`t have the courage to give into this man.

She needed to get out of this room and away from him. Grabbing the doorknob once more, Andy yanked.

Hunter’s palms never moved from the door, but in her hasty movements, his chest aligned tighter against her back.

Pressed against the door, she turned her head, her right cheek resting on it as her breasts pushed against her bra. The hard surface scraped against her clothing, which abraded her nipples. The urge to purr and rub against the wood was overwhelming.

Hunter’s body pressed against her; the cock cradling her ass told her that he was just as affected as she. His length was hard, solid. His hips dipped and shoved against the crack of her ass.

“Andy,” he whispered in her ear.

She closed her eyes, willed herself to push back against him until he let her go.

Her eyes opened when she realized her hips moved against his. Her pussy quivered and her stomach clenched. There was no sense in fighting a losing battle. She wanted him.


Buy Links:

Evernight Publishing / /  / Amazon UK

aRe / Bookstrand


Canadian author, Kacey Hammell is a multi-published erotic romance author who writes mainly in the Contemporary Erotic/Romantic Suspense genres.  She is a true romantic at heart.


Where to find Kacey…

Website / Facebook / Facebook Author Page / Twitter / Amazon / Goodreads / Pinterest



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Knightly Desire by Lisa Fox Sun, 24 Mar 2013 07:39:42 +0000 Liia Hi Everyone!

I am thrilled to announce the release of my erotic, fantasy romance, KNIGHTLY DESIRE!

To celebrate, I am giving away a copy to one lucky commenter on my blog. Head over to LISA FOX ROMANCE ( between now and Sunday, March 24, 2013 to enter!



knightlydesire_msr Knightly Desire by Lisa Fox


A routine mission turns disastrous when Knight Captain Brant and his men encounter a renegade mage. Injured and near death, Brant is brought to a nearby sanctuary of the god Ison, where the chaste sisters heal all those in need.

He is given into the care of Gabrielle, a talented healer. She is young, vivacious, bold—and a mage. She is everything wrong for him, and yet their desire and need can’t be denied.

Brant lives for his duty. Gabrielle belongs to a god. The lust-filled bond between them is powerful, but forbidden. No matter the consequences, their erotic bond cannot be ignored.


Copyright © LISA FOX, 2013

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

 “You’re awake,” a female voice said and Brant jumped. He turned his head toward the sound and found a young woman roughly twenty years his junior sitting on a stool on the opposite side of the room. His armor, sword and shield sat on a table beside her. “The Mother feared you would never rise.”

She was a spark of brilliant light in the otherwise barren room and Brant hungrily drank her in, everything in him yearning to absorb all of her vibrant energy. He took in her round face, smooth with the innocence of her youth and marveled at the striking contrast with her wide, sapphire eyes. Those eyes held ancient wisdom in their depths and seemed to know secrets far beyond her years. That look, that shadow, added maturity and dimension to her youthful appeal, making her a devastating woman. He tried to tear his eyes away, he knew his examination was improper, but he couldn’t help himself. It had been too long since he had gazed upon anything beautiful.

She ran her hand over her short, spiky red-brown hair as she studied him. Her eyes trailed over him as she waited for him to respond, her gaze both curious and sensual. Her lips parted as she lingered over his bare chest, and when she dragged her tongue over her plump bottom lip, his cock stirred. Visions of capturing her warm, wet mouth assaulted him, and he could almost feel how soft her lips would be against his, how sweet she would taste. Blistering arousal ignited in his chest, awakening all of the nerve endings in his body, and he was suddenly, acutely aware that he was naked beneath the thin white sheet. Her gaze traveled farther down, leaving a path of fire in its wake, and when she paused at his waist, he almost gave in to the fierce, animal desire.

With a silent curse, he bit down on his tongue, hoping to temper his thundering pulse. It was completely inappropriate for him to respond to her in this manner. Especially since he had no idea who she was or what circumstances had brought him to her. He cleared his throat and tried to shake off the lust racing through his bloodstream. “The Mother?” he asked, and winced as fresh pain shot through him. “Where am I?”

“The Britnol Sanctuary of Ison,” she said, and he blinked, finally taking notice of her robes, the red and white adornments of the sacred Sisters of Ison. Brant let out a disgusted breath. Oh, but he was a fool indeed. Even without the cowl of her station—which was odd, he’d never seen a sister with her head uncovered before—he still should have recognized what she was.

“Where is everyone?” he asked. The other sanctuaries he had been to were bustling centers of activity, the sisters treating multiple patients for a variety of injuries and illnesses. He seemed to be in a private room rather than the main hall of the temple, separated from the other patients, and disquiet settled in his chest. Could it have something to do with the mage? He had been touched by magic, was he now…tainted? He quickly pushed the thought aside. He was whole, weak, but still himself. He glanced over at his newfound companion. She did not seem overly concerned about being in his presence. He didn’t think she would be so calm if there was any reason for worry.

She shrugged one shoulder. “Who knows?”

Before he could stop himself, his gaze drifted back down to her mouth and unbidden desire resurfaced in his heart. There was probably a reasonable explanation for his segregation, but their isolation tested the limits of propriety. This woman may be a sister, however youthful her appearance, she was obviously old enough to have taken her vows, but he was an outsider. “Surely they wouldn’t allow a sister to remain alone in the presence of a strange man?”

“Why not?” she asked, cocking her head to the side. The gesture was all at once innocent and impishly wicked. “They say you are a man of honor.” She touched the white stallion emblazoned upon his shield. “They say that this means it is so.” She met his eyes. “Are they wrong?”

Brant’s heart swelled with pride as he looked at the stallion on his shield. It stood for everything he believed in, everything he fought for, held dear and would die to uphold. Honor, justice, duty. He met her gaze. “No, they are not wrong.”

Her smile brightened her entire face and her eyes sparkled. “Then why do you ask?”

He laughed. He couldn’t help himself. Her whole aura demanded it. She may be innocent, but she was also a tad bit too flirtatious for a sister. When the sisters took their vows, they gave themselves to Ison alone. He wasn’t much of a follower, but he did know that Ison was a jealous, possessive god. Brant decided he would do well to remember that—for both their sakes. He forced his face back into seriousness and tried to assume as commanding a tone as possible considering he was lying in a sickbed. “Bring me the Mother. I wish to depart.”

Her smile widened and his blood heated. He had seen beautiful women before, he had mingled with and even romanced some of the refined ladies of the royal court, but none had ever stirred in him the longing that she inspired. It was thrilling. “Oh, I don’t think that’s going to happen,” she said, her tone playfully admonishing. “You were quite wounded when your men brought you here and we vowed in His name to heal you. The Mother is not going to let you go until she feels that is done.”

That was not the answer he wanted and he bristled at the confinement. He needed to get back to his men. That mage had been gathering an army. He needed to make sure that the threat had been eliminated, that everyone was safe. He was almost certain that he had succeeded, but there was always a chance that the man still lived, still posed an immediate and terrible danger. “I’m fine.”

She laughed, a joyful sound that filled the entire room. “Are you? Well then, stand up.”

He couldn’t believe his ears. Was she actually challenging him? He was so shocked, he almost laughed. “What?”

“Come on,” she said, humor and mischievousness and deep knowing in her blue eyes. “Stand up. Prove how well you are.” She rose to her feet and extended her hand to him. “If you can take even two steps, I’ll get her for you.”

She was teasing him. He shook his head in disbelief. And he was enjoying it! “Why do I have to prove anything to you?”

She smiled. “Because, Sir Knight, I am your keeper until you have recovered.”

“You?” he said, and this time he did laugh. “You’re barely old enough to be your own keeper.”

“I am older than I look and we both know that wisdom is not reliant upon age.” She raised an eyebrow and her smile transformed into a smirk. “And you have not gotten out of that bed.”

He told himself that he was not being baited. He was going to get up, prove to her how fit he was and end this ridiculous game. And he was fine. Mostly. Fine or not, he had to get back to his men and resume his command. He wrapped the sheet around his waist and rose from the bed. His legs folded beneath him.

She was by his side in an instant, holding him up. She hugged him tightly and the soft, floral scent of her filled his head. He breathed deeply, taking in her delectable fragrance. Her body moved against him, lithe and firm under the heavy, shapeless robes, and the fire that had been simmering in his blood flared back to life. He wrapped his arm around her waist, drawing her closer. Her smooth, white skin flushed a rosy pink and he could feel her breath catch. His eyes fastened on her mouth and hunger descended upon him in a wave of lust. She lifted her chin to him, her pink lips slightly parted and he leaned into her, accepting the unspoken invitation. The warm flutter of her breath tickled his lips and long buried desires swept through. He wanted to drink in her heat, her beauty, her feminineness, things that were forever missing from his life. His cock awoke with deep, throbbing need and his eyes drifted shut as everything in him yearned for one tiny taste of heaven.

The door opened and Brant started at the sound. The Grand Mother entered the room, frowning mightily as she took in the scene and the girl froze in his arms. The Mother’s steely-gray eyes fixed on the sister and he felt her twitch. “Gabrielle, attend,” the Mother commanded, and his beautiful keeper deposited him on the bed and went to the Mother’s side. “I believe it is your turn to stock the warehouse?” she asked, and Gabrielle flicked him a last look before nodding and leaving.

When the door shut behind her, the Mother turned her attention on him. “Welcome to the Britnol Sanctuary of Ison, Sir Brant,” she said. “I trust you are finding it comfortable here?”

Her voice was sharp with disapproval and it only deepened Brant’s regret for his actions. He had come into this house of a god and tried to take what didn’t belong to him, what he had no right to claim. “Mother,” he said, inclining his head to her. A formal bow would have been better, but it was the best he could manage. He did not think he could stand up again without help. “Thank you for taking me into your house of healing. I am in your debt.”

The Mother inclined her head in return. “We do our sacred duty here,” she said, and then met his eyes.

Brant heard the warning loud and clear. A warning he was ashamed to have to receive. He had tarnished his own honor when he tried to take advantage of the young sister. It was not a mistake he would make again, no matter how much his desire for her enflamed his blood. She was not his for the taking.




About the Author:

World-renowned neurosurgeon, jet fighter pilot, secret member of American royalty, seducer of legions of beautiful, outrageously sexy angels and demons and vampires and werewolves and the occasional pirate, Lisa Fox has done it all…in her own mind. In reality, she can generally be found at her desk with a cup of coffee close at hand. Or maybe a martini. It really depends on the day.

Feedback, comments, opinions, words of wisdom, chocolate cake and the addresses of super hot men are always appreciated and encouraged. Please feel free to contact Lisa any time.



Twitter: @LisaFoxRomance



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Taking Over Me by Sara Brookes Wed, 20 Mar 2013 12:13:31 +0000 Liia Today is release day for the first book in the much awaited Geek Kink series by the awesome Sara Brookes! So now… Over to her!!


Yippee—it’s release time for Taking Over Me, the first book of my Geek Kink series! To help me celebrate, some fantastic friends of mine are gracious enough to give me a hand ((A list of them can be found over on my site here: So here’s the blurb and a little snippet (there are four different snippets around the blitz). Be sure to stick around, there’s a giveaway at the end.




He’s everything she didn’t know she needed…
Allison would rather fix computers than worry about sex. That is, until the newest barista in town changes everything. All it takes is one hot stare with his sinful baby blues to remind her she’s not just one of the guys. She has lusty needs only he can fulfill.
Patrick’s coffee shop is on the verge of an epic failure, until Allison takes charge of his computer system. He may not know anything about motherboards, but he does know how to take control—in and out of bed. Now Patrick is determined to get what he wants—Allison in his cuffs. His sensual mastery awakens an intense passion and under his command, he’ll unlock the geek girl’s darkest desires.

Warning: Collars. Cuffs. Clamps. Coffee.
You may never look at your local barista the same way again.



An orgasm ripped through Allison the moment her eyes opened.
She frantically grabbed for the sheet in order to have something to hold onto as she careened out of control. The release was a sharp hit that faded so quickly, it caused her to blink at the ceiling a few times as she tried to gain her bearings.
Her entire body tingled. Both from the remnants of the orgasm and a night spent sleeping with one of her toys inside of her. It hadn’t been hard to follow Patrick’s request once he cut the phone call. Exhausted from the rigors of the day, she’d nearly been out before her head hit the pillow. In a deep sleep, her dreams had been filled with stunning images and explicit imagery she never thought her own brain capable of.
She’d thought life with Patrick couldn’t possibly get any more interesting. Yet she’d just discovered this fascinating world he’d plunged her into had another layer. She’d never been this interested in sex. Never been this aware of her body and most of all her sexuality.
Patrick had just made her come harder than she ever had before and he hadn’t even been in her home to witness the explosive moment. His rumbling voice seemed to still ripple through her, even though it had been hours since they’d talked. Her breasts were swollen and tight, her nipples pebbling to sharp points as they were teased by the cool air from her overhead fan. Her muscles trembled under her hands as her palms skimmed over her thighs. A quiet gasp filled the air as her thumbs brushed against her mound.
What she wouldn’t give to have him lying beside her so she could climb on top of him and ride to her heart’s content. She wanted to stay home and simply bask in the delicious way she felt—in the way Patrick made her feel so out of control and special.
Holy geez, when had she turned into such a kinky woman?


Sara Brookes is an award-winning author has always been fascinated by the strange, the unusual, the twisted and the lost (tortured heroes are her personal favorite). She is an action movie junkie, addicted to coffee and has been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing RPG video games. Despite all this, she is a romantic at heart and is always a sucker for an excellent love story. Born and bred in Virginia, Sara still lives there with her husband and daughter. The entire family is owned by two cats, Galahad and Loki, who graciously allow the family to cater to their every desire.

Sara can be found:

Facebook Author Page:
Special Announcement List:

Book Link:

Giveaway Details:

One winner will be chosen from the Rafflecopter entries for a special Swag Pack (with a limited-edition coffee mug for the coffee shop featured in Taking Over Me). Entries will be accepted from midnight 3/20 and run through midnight 3/27 (all times USEST). If you’re unfamiliar with Rafflecopter, it’s an easy way to earn extra entries to the contest! But remember, it’s only mandatory to comment.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I Give You The Entire First Chapter Of Dark Waters Sat, 09 Feb 2013 08:45:39 +0000 Liia It’s been over a week since I last blogged, so I thought I’d give you guys a little something special. The available excerpt of my latest release Dark Waters is just a snippet of the first chapter. But that’s not enough to share with my wonderful readers. So here is the whole first chapter, from the beginning :)

Hope you enjoy!


“Lady Adora Belira, Princess of the Seelie Court, daughter of King Polara, and future ruler of the Water Lands.”

As the kingdom’s attendant announced her arrival in the court, Adora rolled her eyes. Stating her entire title each time she entered the room was so ridiculous and unnecessary. But Father had always been a stickler for rules. He was one of the last remaining old-school faeries, insisting his lands follow the ancient laws laid down by the Originals.

Adora had never followed the rules. Her mother was the enforcer of the family. Since she’d died, Adora had used her father’s obliviousness to her advantage and rebelled against him and the kingdom at every chance she got.

Father looked down at her clothing with a frown. She preferred to wear combat gear, consisting of a skin-tight top, pants, and versatile boots. The rest of the kingdom would prefer she conform and dress in something more fitting for a princess, a flowing gown that had no practical use whatsoever. She was a healer for the army. She needed to be prepared for anything.

“I do wish you’d wear something Kilip has prepared for you, even if only when dining in the court.” Father spoke with a slight wheeze.

“And I do wish you’d see someone about that cough you have,” she told him, sticking out her chin stubbornly. “It’s getting worse, Father.”

Adora sat by his side at the head of the royal dining table. Several heads turned and people gasped when she spoke to the king

with a tone of disrespect. Once again, she rolled her eyes. She’d been doing a lot of that lately.

“Mind your business,” Adora snapped at the gawkers. All of them looked down and focused on their own conversations. She turned back to her father, filled with concern. “Please, Father. You’re becoming ill. You need to slow down.”

He waved a dismissive hand at her. “Oh, please. I’m Fae. We don’t get these illnesses you keep referring to. I’m twelve hundred years old. I’ve had a full life. Maybe it’s the Fates telling me it’s almost your time to rule the Court.”

A shudder spread through Adora’s very being. Although she’d been trained for it her entire life, she never wanted to be a queen. She hated politics and had also grown tired of death threats. Ever since she was born, there had been several assassination attempts. While the majority had some from the Unseelie Court and the Fire Lands, some had come from her own kingdom. Her parents had the traitors executed. She hated being royalty.

“You know how I feel about becoming queen, Father.”

The king picked up his fork and waited for a servant to place a plate of food before him. “We are not discussing this again. Especially in front of our guests.”

Guests. Adora scoffed. Those who shared the dining room were friends, followers and sexual slaves of her father’s. Faeries were very sexual beings. They partook in intimate acts in front of company just as they would eat or drink. While she was no prude, Adora definitely didn’t approve of women fondling and kissing her father while she sat inches away.

When a blue-haired vixen ran her hand up the king’s thigh, Adora stood so quickly her chair flew out behind her. “I’ll be in my quarters if you need me.” She almost growled the words out.

Father barely seemed to notice, too busy concentrating on his food and dick to pay attention to her hissy fit.

Adora stormed down the hallway toward her living quarters, angry at the vulgarity of the woman with her father. Crossing the bridge over the lake that separated her quarters from the rest of the castle, she came to an abrupt halt. She was acutely aware of the fact that she was by herself. She’d never been truly alone. Guards always followed her. No matter where she went, at least one pair of eyes watched her. She always sensed them.

But right now, she was completely alone. Adora called to her magic, feeling the water beneath immediately respond. While faeries were attuned to nature and able to control all four elements, most of them specialized in one area. As future queen of the Water Lands, she’d been born attuned to the element—but that wasn’t her only strength.


As the most successful faery assassin in the realm, Randor wasn’t surprised when the Unseelie queen ordered him to kidnap a member of the Seelie royal family. The two kingdoms had been at war for over ten decades. It began because of a simple territory dispute. Now, each just wanted to one up the other.

He left the Unseelie army to stay out of the fight he deemed “ridiculous and unnecessary.” Unfortunately he was labelled as a traitor after that. He struck a deal with the late Unseelie king to leave the faery realm so he could lead an anonymous life. The one condition was that he work as an assassin. After all, he’d been the most successful officer in the Unseelie army, rising to the highest ranks before his fortieth year, a feat that took most eighty-plus years to accomplish.

Very little surprised him anymore. He’d always thought he was immune to the emotion—until he saw his target.

Princess Adora. She was officially the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. Long, wavy blonde hair touched the small of her back and was highlighted with every imaginable colour. Her tall, curvy body was covered in a tight top, pants, and boots. She dressed like a warrior rather than royalty. For the first time in his life, he hesitated to approach a target. In two silent steps, he stood behind her, alert and ready. The moment he called for the air, the ability he used to knock out his victims, a wave of power washed over him. With wide eyes, he regarded the princess and reached for his sword.

Water from the lake where they stood whirled and surrounded him. His hair whipped around his head and a force of power held him completely still as the whirlpool closed in. Concentrating, he called his energy forth and the familiar heat of power rushed through his veins. An invisible shield formed around his body, encasing him in a cocoon that was virtually impenetrable. The golden aura spread from

his body, pushing the water back a few inches so he could unsheathe his sword. It took more effort than it should have. She was far stronger than he’d expected.

The water dropped back into the lake but he kept his shield up as a precaution. Who knew what else had been kept from him?

“Who are you?” Princess Adora asked in a low, threatening tone. She’d also drawn her sword and stood in a defensive stance, a shimmering black aura surrounding her body.

He said nothing. That was his golden rule—never speak to the target. Do the job and get it over with. What happened to them wasn’t his concern. All he wanted out of the deal was money and anonymity—the ability to live away from both kingdoms.

“If you don’t tell me who you are and why you’re here, I’ll assume you’re hostile and deal with you accordingly.”

He couldn’t help but smirk. Though this woman looked like a warrior, she spoke like a royal. Still, he didn’t doubt she’d strike him. He’d have to use his gift of invisibility to capture her.

Without another thought, he concentrated on his inner core, the space beneath his ribs where his power pulled from, and made himself and everything on him disappear.

The princess’s face went blank and her stance became more wary. Funny. Most people blinked twice and ran. But this woman stood her ground.

“Whoever you are, you’ve picked the wrong night to piss me off.”

He moved around her, sheathing his sword as he did. Holding both hands just a few inches from either side of her head, Randor concentrated on entering her mind. This was how he retrieved his targets. It was also the part of his job he hated. It could be draining. The stronger the target, the more energy it took to enter the mind. And Princess Adora was strong.

He closed his eyes and saw her mind. The barrier her magic formed was thick and strong. Surging forward with his own power, he opened his mind to hers, melding the two of them together. The moment he pushed through the mental barrier, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

Shit. He’d been stabbed.

Hostility and triumph rang through to him from the princess’s mind. Then it weakened before she completely blacked out.


Adora awoke lying on a cold, hard, stone floor. Her head ached and throbbed. What happened to her? She left the feast, headed for her quarters and…nothing. Her mind was completely blank.

So what was she doing on a floor? Sitting up, Adora rubbed her head and found she was shackled. Both her wrists and ankles were bound in iron cuffs. The metal shimmered with green energy. They’d been charmed, no doubt with a captivity spell.

Good gods, what am I supposed to do?

It was no use trying to free herself. Captivity spells were almost impossible to break without the proper words. Wait, could she pull the chains out of the wall?

Jumping to her feet, Adora stepped back until the chains were tight. They were attached by one hook embedded into the wall.

This should be easy.

Grasping the cold iron chains, she gave a mighty yank. The instant she did, pain shot up her arms. Adora hunched and winced as the cuffs around her wrists tightened, digging into her skin.

“The more you struggle, the tighter they become.” A deep male voice cut the silence around her.

She spun to find a man she didn’t recognise standing at the door of her small cell. He was tall and lean with muscle that she didn’t doubt held immense strength. His sky blue eyes shone in contrast with his tanned skin and brown hair. While this man was obviously Fae, there was something different about him. Something else emitted through his aura.

A smirk spread across his full lips as he took a step toward her.

Refusing to back away, she straightened and stood still. She was Princess Adora, first in line for the throne the Seelie Court and fearless warrior in the Seelie army. People feared her. She feared nothing.

“So, Princess,” he spoke as he continued to slowly approach her. “I’m supposed to deliver you to the Unseelie queen.”

Adora’s breath caught in her throat. The Unseelie queen had tried, many times, to invade the kingdom. But her soldiers never made it past the gates.

“But,” the stranger continued, “I think I’ll keep her waiting. Just for a little while.”

Adora cocked her head. What kind of soldier disobeyed his queen? “Who are you?”

“Forgive my rudeness.” He approached her and bowed his head. “My name is Randor, The Assassin. Former leader of the Unseelie army.”

“Former?” To her recognition, soldiers weren’t granted leave from the army. The only way out was death. It was the same with the Seelie army.

“It’s a long story, Princess.”

Frustration built in her chest. “Apparently I’ve got a lot of time.” She gestured to her cuffs.

His brows furrowed and Randor’s eyes showed a flicker of regret. “I apologise for the shackles. I didn’t want you to wake and run.”

With a wave of his hand, the chains detached from the cuffs and the ankle manacles disappeared. Though the wrist cuffs loosened slightly, they remained. She looked at him with a questioning glance.

“I don’t trust anyone enough to leave them un-cuffed in my residence. Even beautiful princesses.”

Heat rose to Adora’s cheeks. He thought she was beautiful. As ridiculous as it was, she couldn’t help but be flattered by that remark. She was called beautiful on a daily basis, but Randor’s words held an intensity she hadn’t heard in…well, ever.

Randor closed the gap between them and raised his hand to her cheek, brushing it gently with his knuckles. “If you try to harm me or yourself, you’ll be struck down by a pain so strong you’ll wish you were dead.”

Adora shuddered, but wasn’t sure if it was because of the words he’d just spoken or the way he touched her.

His lips curved into a small smile and he withdrew his hand. “You may leave the room. I’ve bound your cuffs with magic so you will move no farther than five feet from me.”

“Five feet?” Most assassins held their captives in their cells. The fact that Randor was allowing her to roam freely rang alarm bells. That he wanted her so close to him just confused her further.

“If you’ll follow me, I’ll give you a quick tour of the premises.”

Without another word, he turned and walked out of the room. He’d taken less than five steps before Adora felt pulled toward him. She followed, her senses on high alert and her hands by her side, ready to strike out at any moment.

He turned to face her, his eyes crinkling when his gaze locked with hers. “Nothing will attack you, Princess. We’re alone here. In fact, there’s nobody around for miles. Literally.”

He swept two French doors open and Adora was hit with a burst of fresh salty air. She stepped out onto the porch and took in the stunning sight before her. Sand dunes, an empty beach and the ocean. That was it. No other houses, no people, not even a boat.

They weren’t in the Water Lands. They weren’t even in Fae territory anymore. That much she knew. Everywhere in the faery realm had a bluish tinge to it, even the black night sky. This was…clear.

Adora turned her head to look at Randor, who watched her with a keen eye. “Where are we?”

“Western Australia.”
She gave him a puzzled look.
“The human realm.”
She couldn’t stop her gasp. She’d always been fascinated with

the human realm and had studied it for decades. But she’d never visited it. As a member of the royal family, she wasn’t allowed to leave the faery realm without permission, something Father would never give her.

“You kidnapped me and brought me to the human realm?” “I live here.”
He spoke as though it was no big deal. It was a huge deal to

Adora. Very few Fae were allowed entry into the human realm, unless they had human ancestry. Something in her mind clicked, as though a light switch was turned on. That’s what he was. He wasn’t pure faery—he was part human.

She turned and looked him directly in the eye. “You’re part human?”

His blue eyes glistened as he smiled and nodded curtly. “My mother was human. Technically.”

She raised her brows, waiting for him to elaborate. He didn’t. He merely turned and walked away.

Frustrating freaking male.

Adora felt the magic pull her body toward Randor as he stepped farther from her. This was going to be irritating.



Randor is a Fae assassin. As the most feared military officer in the Faery Realm, he only got out by striking a deal with the late King to become an assassin for hire. Something he was only able to do because of his place as adopted family member. When he’s ordered to kidnap the Unseelie Faery Princess and deliver her to the Seelie Queen, he doesn’t think twice, until he sees his target. Adora. Unseelie Princess. Most beautiful being in existence and feared witch warrior and his soul mate. Disobeying orders is something he’s never done before. But when he brings her into the Human Realm; his home, he has no regrets. Until his Elvish friend, Kiel, disapproves and an unexpected attack raises questions about his loyalties. The only way that could have happened was if Kiel tipped off the Queen’s witch, Maleficent.

Adora was fearless, powerful and intensely unhappy. Until she was kidnapped by a mysterious stranger, who happens to be her half human, half Seelie soul mate. After being attacked, Adora, fearing she’d lose Randor, admits her feelings for her soul mate. The two of them just need to find a way they can survive together – away from the feuding kingdoms. Entering the Seelie castle, under a pretence of needing the witch’s help to bind Adora’s immense power, they ask for Maleficent, whom they plan to eliminate so she can no longer track them.

When all hell breaks loose, they’re involved in a fight including the witch, Kiel and the Queen. A fight that not all of them will survive.


Excuse the formatting, there’s only so much I can do with WordPress. Just wait until I get PageLines sorted out!

Have a great weekend lovelies!!

Liia x

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The Final Six Sentence Sunday Sun, 27 Jan 2013 07:10:28 +0000 Liia So here we are, the final Six Sentence Sunday. Ever. It’s a bittersweet moment really, but I’ll get to that after my final SSS excerpt.

Since it’s the last, I thought I’d go out with a bang. And why not make it a sex scene from my latest release? The first of many Fae books to come from me :)



Randor growled and buried his face in her neck as he fucked her hard and fast. Sex had never felt so good. He pounded into her, changing his position at small increments until he found the spot inside her core that literally made Adora scream.

Her fingernails bit into his back and her teeth grazed his neck. “Come with me, Assassin,” she breathed into his ear. Rubbing her clit, Randor slammed his hips to hers and felt her

muscles clench around his cock. He came moments after her, letting an almighty moan out as her inner muscles milked him until he was completely dry. 

And that’s one of my favourite scenes from Dark Waters.

Now while I’m sad to see Six Sentence Sunday go, because it was a lot of fun for a long time, it was also a LOT of work for a long time. Our fearless leader Sara Brookes has been an absolute champion keeping it up for as long as she has. Seriously, it was hard enough being an admin, but as the full on organiser of it – which I did about 5 times for her and that was enough – she’s just one hell of a human being for doing all she has for us all over the last few years. SSS very quickly went for 4 participants to over 200. That’s a lot of work for her and the admins who go through and verify each post every single week.

For those of you don’t know, the admins were (yes I’m outing them) myself, Lisa Fox, Dee Carney, Graylin Fox, Layna Pimental, Rebecca Royce and of course Sara Brookes.

Each of these women deserve a huge thank you from every participant of SSS for their tireless efforts in keeping the whole program running smoothly without too much drama.


Thank you very much for stopping by for the very last Six Sentence Sunday ever. Thank you to the great friends I’ve made along the way. And thank you for keeping Sara Brookes’ brainchild alive and kicking for as long as we possibly could.

And last of all, thank you to my fellow admins for all the fun we had along the way. I love all you lovely ladies :)

Liia x

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Dark Waters Giveaway!! Thu, 24 Jan 2013 14:57:43 +0000 Liia 543949_545732758773320_654482792_n


Dark Waters has finally released with Evernight Publishing. First of all thank you to everyone there – it’s been awesome working with them. Second of all, thank you to people who’ve hung around while I took an unfortunate 9 month hiatus from all things writing.

NOW, onto the giveaway.

If you can tell me which TV shows I got the names of my hero & heroine from (Adora and Randor) you’ll go into the draw to win a copy of any book from my backlist. You can comment here, tweet me @LiiaAnn or email me at

I won’t just be giving it to one person either, so get googling people!

Note: Anyone who knows who their namesakes are without googling get an extra something special



Randor is a Fae assassin. As the most feared military officer in the Faery Realm, he only got out by striking a deal with the late King to become an assassin for hire.

When he’s ordered to kidnap the Unseelie Faery Princess and deliver her to the Seelie Queen, he doesn’t think twice, until he sees his target. Adora. Unseelie Princess. Most beautiful being in existence, feared witch warrior, and his soul mate. Disobeying orders is something he’s never done before. 

Adora was fearless, powerful, and intensely unhappy. Until she was kidnapped by a mysterious stranger, who happens to be her half-human, half-Seelie soul mate. When all hell breaks loose, they’re involved in a fight that not all will survive.

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Six Sentence Sunday & My Beautiful Cover For Dark Waters Sun, 20 Jan 2013 04:56:04 +0000 Liia Hi Everyone!

This week I received my cover for Dark Waters, my first release with Evernight Publishing (but hopefully not the last because they’re a great company to work with) so why not share yet another six from this erotic fantasy romance of mine?



After drying and composing herself, Adora rummaged around the food and water emergency supply she always kept in case she was holed up in the hideout for an extended period of time. Returning to the lounge area with water, she paused for a moment and took in the sight before her.

Randor, in all his naked glory, was sprawled out on the lounge, a piece of fresh fruit in his hand. Adora watched as he bit off a piece, juice sliding over his lip to his chin. Sliding his tongue out, he licked it up, the movement sending a shudder throughout her.

She was a goner. 


And that’s it for the second last Six Sentence Sunday! Don’t forget to check out the main site for almost the last time and check out snippets from some great authors and writers :)


See you next week where I’ll have an Australia Day, new release & last SSS ever special giveaway :D


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Six Sentence Sunday – Dark Waters Sun, 13 Jan 2013 11:11:22 +0000 Liia Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for stopping by for one of the last Six Sentence Sunday posts ever. It feels like the end of an era doesn’t it?

So, before I continue rambling, have some smut from my coming release from Evernight Publishing, Dark Waters

“But before we get out,” Randor continued.


He thrust his fingers inside of her pussy again and she stopped speaking. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she bit her bottom lip. Within seconds she was on the verge of climax again.

Damn she was beautiful when she came.

Don’t forget to visit the Six Sentence Sunday site for more snippets from some great writers.

Liia x

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