This morning it was brought to my attention that I leave got Chicago and RT in 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS!!

Needless to say I’m freaking out. I am actually promoting myself this year and pitching to an agent. Not just any agent. My dream agent! I’m going to be pitching my YA. Said agent reps some of my favourite authors AND even a twitter friend of mine. And she’s brilliant. One of the best in the business.

This means, I have 2 weeks to prepare a pitch not only selling my YA but selling myself. Previously I’ve just let my query letter and writing do the talking. I’m not good at talking myself up. Jokingly? Sure, I can blow hot air up myself constantly, but not in seriousness.

So I’m asking for help. Anyone who has pitched to an agent or editor, can you give me any advice?

I’ve got ten minutes to let this agent know that me and my first YA are different and worthy of her time and representation.

So… HELP!! Please! I’ll take any advice!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have two weeks to finish and polish up this YA *ducks to computer & starts typing madly*